Tagaytay 2017 🚌🎡

Ayeeeeee! So went to tagaytay  the day after New year. I am glad because we will go again at that place. I’m so excited that day! Syempre, sino ba naman ang di mae-excite diba? 😆 so, inayos na namin lahat ng kailangan namin dalhin.

We spent almost an hour after we arrived at our destination. Sobrang slow traffic mga beh! Grabe talaga, to the highest level e! That “gutom na gutom ka na pero kailangan mong tiisin yung gutom mo dahil sa traffic” moment. Haynako.

And finally! We arrived at our destination, and of course, because we’re hungry that time, we ate foods because we didn’t even eat at our lunch time. And after we eat, pumunta na kami sa skyranch. We buy tickets for our entrance, grabe din yung pila sa entrance e, traffic din 😂 

Well, let me tell you my main story here (charot 😂). As you can see at the picture, there’s a ferris wheel. I captured that one because I really want to ride that ferris wheel but because we’re lack of time and the line at that ride was long, my father told me that I will just ride at ferris wheel the next time we will go there. I’m bit sad because of that but I still considered the reason because I know it is right.


Exploring places at Ilocos

What a great view, right? I was amazed at myself because of the picture that I took. We are walking around at Hannah’s beach resort, it was sunny day that day. Medyo umitim ako that time kasi nga mainit doon at gala kami ng gala pero worth it naman. The thing that I hate the most everytime we go at Ilocos is that, there’s no signal. It means that I can’t text my friends and I can’t even use my social media’s. But, there’s still a particular place where you can find a signal. It’s our first time to go at Ilocos that day and because we find Ilocos as a wonderful place, we always go there every summer. Hindi ko lang alam kung pupunta kami this summer sa Ilocos.


Food lover is real! Hahaha. Medyo lang naman. So, because my mother asked us to go with them at tomgoots, I with them (masunurin kasi akong bata charot). It was my first time to go and eat there at tomgoots. If I where to judge the taste of the foods that we order, it was delicious and the ambiance was great. My mother asked me what food/s I will order and as what shown on the picture, those are the food/s I have chosen. Well, it was delicious and I really like the mais con yelo. Busog na busog ako that time. Actually, baked mac ang nauna kong kinain, ni hindi ko pa nga nakalahati busog na ako. And because my tummy was full already, I share my food with my younger sister. Ang kinain ko nalang ay yung sliced bread na may palaman at tsaka yung mais con yelo.

As we finished eating, we go outside and I took some pictures there as usual. And after that, they decided to go home. It was a great day at all!


Okay, let me start the story. Charot! hahaha. We went to Eco park. Wala talaga kaming balak mag swimming, but then, we’re so bored so we decided to go at Eco park’s pool. Pero sa kasamaang palad, nang makarating ng kami swimming pool area, sobrang lamig tas umaambon pa, kaya nawalan na ako pati na rin yung mga kasama ko na magswimming dahil nga sa lumamig at umaambon pa. So, I just took some pictures instead of going to pool and having some fun there.

Balot at Penoy

March 08, 2017. It is the day where I celebrated my birthday. Before we go home we decided to go at McDonald’s to buy sundae to each one of us (I didn’t take any picture when we are at McDonald’s because where too busy eating our sundae and having chit-chat). Because it is my birthday that day, nagpapalibre sila kahit sundae lang daw sa McDo, I was thinking if I will treat them or not (to be honest, kuripot po ako hahaha), pero dahil pinaparinggan nila ako syempre na konsensya na ako kaya nilibre ko na sila tutal sundae lang naman okay na sakanila, tsaka kasi nakabudget lang panlibre ko. Hahaha! Eh, I already treated my friend and also our Adviser and the two practice teacher of our Adviser during our lunch break.

Back to my main story— charot hahaha! So, while we are at McDo, we crave for Balot and then we decided to buy some at the Market. At nang makakita kami ng nagbebenta ng balot e pumunta na kami at bumili. We also buy penoy. After that, we didn’t know where we will go to eat the balot and penoy that we bought so we decided that instead of going home, we go to Colleen’s place near the location where we buy those food. While we are eating they told me to take picture of those food we are eating but I can’t because my hands are dirty at that time so they are the one who took picture of it instead of me. After we eat, we didn’t go home yet because we go at the House of Colleen at have chit-chats with them. I think, it’s already 6pm when we decided to go home.

Actually, we still have our class after that day, it’s like we don’t have a paper works to do that day. Pero dahil nga stress kami, hinayaan muna namin yun kahit sandali lang. We have some fun and take away all our problems regarding our requirements at school at least that day. It was the best day for me!


March 06, 2017. Yung araw na kakauwi ng parents ko galing sa baguio. As my parents arrived at home, I was excited because I know that I will have my “pasalubong.” There’s still a lot of foods that my parents buy for us but, what gets my attention are those strawberries (as you can see on the picture). So, hindi ko ine-expect na may iuuwi na strawberries yung parents ko kasi akala ko puro tinapay or chicharon at yung mga madalas na binibili nila na pasabulong, but to my surprise there are strawberries and I’m so happy. As in super happy because they buy some strawberries. I’m a bit sad because I didn’t go with them in baguio but when I see those strawberries, nabawasan yung pagkalungkot ko.

3 days before my Birthday

I’m with my cousins at that time. Why? Because, as what I promised, I will treat them at McDonald’s  because my birthday is fast approaching. I choose to go out with my two cousin and treat them at that day because I can’t go out with them at my birthday because of my hassle schedule. We have a lots of requirements to do that week, so I’d rather treat them as soon as possible. We really love eating at McDonald’s because it gives a happiness, lol.

Ramen noodles for the cold weather

I am with my two friends at that time, we aren’t complete because our friend was absent that day in school. It’s cold weather and it’s raining so we planned to eat ramen for that day, which is a perfect timing. After our morning class, we go there and order ramen noodles. I think our order arrived after 20 minutes, we’re so bored waiting but in the end it was worth to wait. The place was far from our school but we still go there just to eat ramen noodles that can warm up our body, lol. After we ate ramen noodles, we take some pictures of ourselves— group selfie. After that, we decided to go to school, and we’re glad that we aren’t late. We made it! Hahahahaha.

Quality time with Tita’s

We are bored that time so we decided to hangout. We actually can’t decide where we are going. Instead of going at the Robinson’s Mall, we just decided to go somewhere and eat some hamburgers, pancakes, and empanada. Our tummies are about to explode that day because after we ate those foods we buy barbeque. We really love eating with each other every time we have free time, because we just hangout sometimes unlike before that we almost spend our years or maybe months with each other. We are busy people, that’s why. So we make sure that everytime we go out we’re having fun.

Animal Paradise

At this day, I am making a pastillas that I will be going to sell. And then, my father asked me if I will go with them in Eco park. I was thinking if I will go or not because I need to finish first what I’m doing but then I decided that I will go even though I’m not yet finish making pastillas because if I missed that day, I will regret it. So, as  I was saying, I decided that I will go because it will be fun, but what saddens me is that, my mom didn’t go with us. It was sad but she cheered me up.

I was sitting at the van in my favorite sit—near the window, I am starring outside watching the view and the vehicles outside as we travel.

And as we arrived at our destination, we took a lot of pictures. We ate foods, we laughed at each others jokes, we talked, we spent our time having a chit-chat. After that, we’ve decided to go to Animal Paradise wherein we can see some animals of course hahaha. We see monkey, birds, wild pigs, snakes, and so on and so forth. We also took pictures of those animals that was there and we also took pictures of us. And the rest is history….