It is all about exploring places and foods. Eat well, travel often. Today, we should make our life worth it. Others say, “Y.O.L.O” meaning You only live once, so why not live you life to the fullest?

I think of myself as a person who loves to eat, cook, and find amazing eating spots. I always have food on my mind. My first thought of the day is what am I going to for my lunch— I often eat breakfast and dinner. I like talking about food, taking food photos and planning my travels solely around eating.

And I also think of myself as a adventurous person who loves going to different places and taking pictures of it. I want to travel to see other places and cultures, and to see myself reflected in those. I want travel to get out of my comfort zone, to learn about myself, to learn about others. I travel because traveling is celebrating life in all the forms I did not know existed.