Food lover is real! Hahaha. Medyo lang naman. So, because my mother asked us to go with them at tomgoots, I with them (masunurin kasi akong bata charot). It was my first time to go and eat there at tomgoots. If I where to judge the taste of the foods that we order, it was delicious and the ambiance was great. My mother asked me what food/s I will order and as what shown on the picture, those are the food/s I have chosen. Well, it was delicious and I really like the mais con yelo. Busog na busog ako that time. Actually, baked mac ang nauna kong kinain, ni hindi ko pa nga nakalahati busog na ako. And because my tummy was full already, I share my food with my younger sister. Ang kinain ko nalang ay yung sliced bread na may palaman at tsaka yung mais con yelo.

As we finished eating, we go outside and I took some pictures there as usual. And after that, they decided to go home. It was a great day at all!


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