Tagaytay 2017 🚌🎑

Ayeeeeee! So went to tagaytay  the day after New year. I am glad because we will go again at that place. I’m so excited that day! Syempre, sino ba naman ang di mae-excite diba? πŸ˜† so, inayos na namin lahat ng kailangan namin dalhin.

We spent almost an hour after we arrived at our destination. Sobrang slow traffic mga beh! Grabe talaga, to the highest level e! That “gutom na gutom ka na pero kailangan mong tiisin yung gutom mo dahil sa traffic” moment. Haynako.

And finally! We arrived at our destination, and of course, because we’re hungry that time, we ate foods because we didn’t even eat at our lunch time. And after we eat, pumunta na kami sa skyranch. We buy tickets for our entrance, grabe din yung pila sa entrance e, traffic din πŸ˜‚ 

Well, let me tell you my main story here (charot πŸ˜‚). As you can see at the picture, there’s a ferris wheel. I captured that one because I really want to ride that ferris wheel but because we’re lack of time and the line at that ride was long, my father told me that I will just ride at ferris wheel the next time we will go there. I’m bit sad because of that but I still considered the reason because I know it is right.


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