Balot at Penoy

March 08, 2017. It is the day where I celebrated my birthday. Before we go home we decided to go at McDonald’s to buy sundae to each one of us (I didn’t take any picture when we are at McDonald’s because where too busy eating our sundae and having chit-chat). Because it is my birthday that day, nagpapalibre sila kahit sundae lang daw sa McDo, I was thinking if I will treat them or not (to be honest, kuripot po ako hahaha), pero dahil pinaparinggan nila ako syempre na konsensya na ako kaya nilibre ko na sila tutal sundae lang naman okay na sakanila, tsaka kasi nakabudget lang panlibre ko. Hahaha! Eh, I already treated my friend and also our Adviser and the two practice teacher of our Adviser during our lunch break.

Back to my main story— charot hahaha! So, while we are at McDo, we crave for Balot and then we decided to buy some at the Market. At nang makakita kami ng nagbebenta ng balot e pumunta na kami at bumili. We also buy penoy. After that, we didn’t know where we will go to eat the balot and penoy that we bought so we decided that instead of going home, we go to Colleen’s place near the location where we buy those food. While we are eating they told me to take picture of those food we are eating but I can’t because my hands are dirty at that time so they are the one who took picture of it instead of me. After we eat, we didn’t go home yet because we go at the House of Colleen at have chit-chats with them. I think, it’s already 6pm when we decided to go home.

Actually, we still have our class after that day, it’s like we don’t have a paper works to do that day. Pero dahil nga stress kami, hinayaan muna namin yun kahit sandali lang. We have some fun and take away all our problems regarding our requirements at school at least that day. It was the best day for me!


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