Animal Paradise

At this day, I am making a pastillas that I will be going to sell. And then, my father asked me if I will go with them in Eco park. I was thinking if I will go or not because I need to finish first what I’m doing but then I decided that I will go even though I’m not yet finish making pastillas because if I missed that day, I will regret it. So, as  I was saying, I decided that I will go because it will be fun, but what saddens me is that, my mom didn’t go with us. It was sad but she cheered me up.

I was sitting at the van in my favorite sit—near the window, I am starring outside watching the view and the vehicles outside as we travel.

And as we arrived at our destination, we took a lot of pictures. We ate foods, we laughed at each others jokes, we talked, we spent our time having a chit-chat. After that, we’ve decided to go to Animal Paradise wherein we can see some animals of course hahaha. We see monkey, birds, wild pigs, snakes, and so on and so forth. We also took pictures of those animals that was there and we also took pictures of us. And the rest is history….


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