Sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!

When I was kid— actually, even now, I am happy whenever my parents buy me some food at Jollibee even though I am scared at Jollibee back when I was a kid. At that time, I was at hospital because my brother is sick—not me, and my father bought foods for us. When my father arrived at put the foods he buys at Jollibee in the table, I immediately go and grab what I want because I am really hungry that time, and because of my clumsiness the pineapple drink spills at the floor. My father got angry and it was awkward.

My parents go out and I was the only one that was with my baby brother, I am taking care of him at the hospital while my parents will go at our house to get some things they need because they will sleep there. And when they was out, I go and grab my foods and take a picture of it because I was too shy to take picture of it because of what happen when my parent are still there. And then… booom! I took a picture of it and I also posted it on my Instagram account.


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