Chocolates 💖

“Chocolate makes everything better.” –
Absolutely, precisely, definitely! Chocolate makes everything better. Why? As for me, whenever I have mixed emotion and when I am stress, all I need is chocolates because in can me smile and forget all my problems in the mean time. Actually, all of us know that chocolates makes everything better. I take this picture on Christmas eve (2016) last year. Yes, I do love eating chocolates because it was one of my stress reliever. I often crave for chocolates but when it’s our examination day in our school, I ate a lot of chocolate because I myself believe that it can help my mind to function well whenever I review my notes. But, I don’t like dark chocolates flavor and I really don’t know why. When I was a kid, even though I was crying because my teeth hurts whenever I ate chocolates, I don’t care about what my parents opinion because all I care is having a chocolates. I know that most people love chocolates and so do I because it makes us happy and it can help us to lessen our stress by the help of chocolates.
P.S                 Sorry if there’s typo in grammar. I feel sleepy and tired, that’s why.

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